Real IT’s disaster backup and recovery team creates comprehensive IT solutions that ensure you are prepared for anything, anytime.

power failure fire and network crash

If your systems went down, all your files got deleted or your data got corrupted what would that cost your business? Unfortunately, technology failures happen and just like a natural disaster, you must have a continuity plan. Real IT ensures that all your data is properly backed up, both on premise and off-site in a cloud environment. Additionally, we test backups regularly to ensure everything is in peak condition.

Dont let a disaster stop your business from succeeding. Let the Real IT team help you create the right backup solution that’s implemented correctly.  Then you can sit back while we monitor your system and resolve any issues as they occur.

Ensure You are Properly Prepared & Protected.

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The Benefits of choosing Real IT for Your Backup and Disaster Recovery

Less Downtime

When disaster strikes, our team can work around the clock to quickly restore your systems to full operation. We have an incredible track record of providing rapid response, usually within the hour to get you back on your feet a.s.a.p.

Affordable Solutions

No matter what size your business is, we understand that you need reliable IT solutions that keep expenses low. You can count on us for competitively priced backup and recovery solutions that deliver peace of mind at a price you can afford.

Get Compliance Ready

The consequences of downtime can be very severe for those tied to industry regulations and legal requirements. Real IT will make sure you are in compliance, freeing you to focus on whats most important, running your business.