Building Management System

Lighting Control



System Design & Documentation

Proper design can be the difference between a good integration system and a great one. From basic to advanced schematic diagrams we cater for all needs and budgets.

Board Room Control Systems

One touch is all it takes to set up a flawless presentation environment. Our solutions instantly adjust lighting, shades, media settings and more so that you can focus on what’s most important.

Video Conferencing

Our video solutions are a whole new way to share, collaborate and communicate in real time. Save your organization travel time and improve your businesses productivity.

Intelligent Meeting Rooms

Encourage collaboration – our system lets users find and reserve rooms on location or online so that they can find the perfect space , with the technology they need, at the touch of a button.

Audio Visual

Create immersive audio and video spaced to suit your business. Our easy-to-use customizable controls give you the power to distribute rich sound and vivid images to any environment.

Lighting & Shading Control

Lighting is important both for aesthetics and functionality. We create smarter lighting systems that include occupancy sensors and
window treatments to optimize daylight harvesting and energy management.

Energy Management

Our centralized environmental controls and record-keeping provide a powerful real-time and historical overview of your operations so you can monitor and optimize your energy consumption.

Security and Access Control

Protect your business and make your life simple with an advanced security system that you can access and monitor remotely.

Building Management Systems

We create systems that allow you to control, monitor and analyze all of these systems on one unified platform. Simplify your life and start saving time and money today.