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Who Are the Best IT Companies in Auckland?

September 19, 2018
Looking for an IT Service Provider in Auckland?   Over the years, we’ve found our customers often want to know what IT service providers are available in Auckland, and how to know they’re getting the best deal. Here at Real IT we want our customers to be as informed as possible, so we’ve

What makes a secure smart home for New Zealanders?

September 10, 2018
What makes a secure smart home for New Zealanders? When it comes to smart home systems, security features are a core component that can enhance a user’s experience, providing them peace of mind that their home is safe and secure at all times – both when they are onsite and when they are

Heralding a new phase of smart buildings: the wellness standard

August 17, 2018
Heralding a new phase of smart buildings: the wellness standard   Our environment has a huge impact on our health. In fact, there is mounting evidence that different factors of buildings influence our wellbeing, including indoor exposure to lighting, noise, overall atmosphere quality.

A New Standard Of Wellness in Smart Homes

August 17, 2018
A new Wellness Standard, and what it means for Smart Homes in New Zealand.   As technology develops and the health and wellness movement converges, we are at a crucial turning point for smart homes. Heralding this next phase of smart homes are organisations such as Delos, which has recently

The technology you need in the ultimate home office

July 24, 2018
What does the home office of the future look like? Today, as technology continues to advance and businesses adopt flexible work practices, it’s more common than ever to work remotely and from our homes. Leading providers are noticing this trend, and are now offering smart home systems that

Wireless lighting: the cornerstone of your smart building

July 24, 2018
Zum Wireless lighting: the cornerstone of your smart building   Lighting has long been a key component of smart buildings, playing a crucial role in the overall comfort and atmosphere of a building while also offering significant energy savings. Now, with advanced products such as Zum by

The power of environment: health and your home

June 18, 2018
The wellness movement As our lives speed up and our daily demands increase, it has become more important than ever to invest in our health and wellbeing and understand the value and impact of our lifestyle and environment. Around the world there is a growing trend of people turning their attention

New privacy regulations established in the EU: what it means for New Zealand

June 18, 2018
Changing laws and privacy in the EU  At the end of last month on 25 May, a new digital privacy regulation was introduced across the European Union known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR centralises previously separate privacy legislation across the EU, into one legally

How Building Management Software Helped Microsoft & Four Seasons Hotel

May 16, 2018
How Crestron Building Management Software Helped Microsoft & Four Seasons Hotel Win   At the speed current technology is developing these days it’s common for businesses to miss out on some of the technology available. One area where this is especially true is in commercial building

10 Ways to Secure your WordPress Site from Hackers

May 8, 2018
10 Ways to Secure your WordPress Site from Hackers Cybercrime is on the rise and over the last 5 years, we have seen an exponential rise in the number of cyberattacks targeting New Zealand. Last year alone we saw Kiwis lose more than $177 million to cybercrime with over 1 million people being

9 Reasons You Need Lighting Control in Your Next Home

March 8, 2018
At Real IT, we love lighting control,  after all,  lighting is a fundamental part of the luxury, convenience, comfort, efficiency, and safety of your home. When it’s integrated with your smart home system the possibilities for increased convenience, efficiency and fun are endless! 1. Enjoy

How Much Does VoIP Cost?

March 2, 2018
“How much will VoIP cost my business?”   This is one of the first questions many prospective clients want to know when they call our company. Although this is a very difficult question to answer because there are so many considerations, I will try to do my best here to explain some

Internet Connection Test – Are You Ready For VoIP?

February 22, 2018
VoIP Speed Test   The benefits of VoIP are undeniable,  so it’s no surprise that most businesses are choosing to switch to VoIP. Unfortunately as with most things in life, just because you want to switch to VoIP doesn’t always mean that you can. You see in order for VoIP to work

A Closer Look At Crestron Mercury – Video Conferencing & Collaboration

February 15, 2018
Video conferencing and presentation technologies allow for effortless communication and collaboration with clients and remote workers across the globe. Or at least that is what they are supposed to do. The reality of video conferencing for most of the end users we speak to has been quite the

Get a FREE VoIP and Communications Assessment For Your Business

February 8, 2018
If you are reading this post it is my guess is that you’re considering upgrading your phone system to VoIP sometime in the near future. To help you avoid making any mistakes and to help you navigate the endless number of choices, tech talk, conflicting advice, and confusion… Our team would

Cloud or On-Premise -What Is The Best VoIP Deployment Method?

February 2, 2018
Should I host my VoIP system in the cloud or on-premise? Cant I just upgrade my existing phone system? What is the best method to deploy a VoIP system? These are all common questions we get asked at Real IT. The thing is, there is no straight forward answer because it really depends on what you are

7 Questions to Ask a VoIP Salesperson That Will Save You Thousands of Dollars.

January 31, 2018
So here is a little-known and rather embarrassing fact about our industry that nobody wants to tell you: The computer repair and IT consulting industry is not regulated. Yes, I know, it’s shocking. Unlike many other regulated professional service industries, anybody can claim they are an

How Much Does A Smart Home Cost?

January 19, 2018
One of the questions that always comes up when we meet with a potential smart home client is: How much does a fully integrated smart home cost, for everything? Although this is a very difficult question to answer because there are so many factors to consider, we will try our best to explain some

VoIP, SIP and Other Common Acronyms Explained

January 12, 2018
Here are the most common acronyms we use on this site – in simple terms:   The IT world is littered with acronyms and tech talk and while on this site we endeavor to eliminate the geeky IT talk as much as possible, sometimes it’s unavoidable. VoIP – Voice Over Internet

Ransomware, Are You Ready For An Attack?

January 6, 2018
  Ransomware, the anatomy of an attack.   Ransomware, is everywhere. Even after the infamous file-encrypting ransomware called CryptoLocker was defeated by law enforcement (which knocked out its infrastructure), it still came back, almost immediately and its close cousin CryptoWall are