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Small to Medium Businesses

Real IT is dedicated to helping small to medium businesses just like yours get the IT services and solutions they need to reach their goals. Partner with us to assess, design, implement and manage your information technology on premise or offsite. Our portfolio of innovative, affordable IT services saves you time and money. Let us develop the right tech support solution to accelerate your growth.


The Manufacturing and distribution industry faces unique challenges and finding the right IT partner can be a difficult task. Real IT understands your need for prompt response times and quick resolution of day-to-day issues. Your servers and network need to be safe, secure and regularly maintained to ensure they’re running in peak condition. If you are looking for a trustworthy partner to manage your company’s technology look no further. Chat to our team today.

Government & Education

We understand that Government bodies and Educational Institutions need simple yet secure solutions that will stand the test of time. Let the team at Real IT transition you into the future by moving you into the cloud, optimizing your existing processes and ensuring all data is properly stored and backed up. We will keep your systems running smoothly so you can get back to doing your important work for this country and our children.


Real IT understands the complexities of healthcare IT and how to implement the right technology and solutions to provide relief for your hospital or practice. We ensure your software is integrated for speed and reliability, and doctors and administrators have network access at all times. We provide tailored medical IT support to healthcare offices, mental health facilities, hospitals and long-term care facilities. So no matter what the size or shape of your practice, Real IT can help you succeed.

Professional Services

When you’re delivering legal, financial or other professional services, you need reliable IT networking and communication. Maximum reliability is essential when it comes to setting up, replacing and configuring servers, networking equipment, wireless connections, device connectivity and more. Count on our team to easily handle it all from PC monitoring, antivirus protection, server backup solutions and help desk support to IT strategy, email services and cloud computing.

Non Profits

Reaching and surpassing set goals is the driving force behind your non-profit organization. But, your limited budget makes it more challenging to get the quality assets you need to get there. Real IT delivers world-class technology solutions to meet your specific needs and budget. We provide technology guidance, ongoing responsive support and proactive network management. Our IT support for charities includes protecting donor data, email hosting, disaster recovery, privacy compliance, software updates, managing firewalls, preventing system failures, network and server security and more.


Internet Connection Test – Are You Ready For VoIP?

February 22, 2018
VoIP Speed Test   The benefits of VoIP are undeniable,  so it’s no surprise that most businesses are choosing to switch to VoIP. Unfortunately as with most things in life, just because you want to switch to VoIP doesn’t always mean that you can. You see in order for VoIP to work correctly in your businesses, your internet connection must meet certain prerequisites. This is one of the main reasons we prefer our VoIP clients to have UFB or Fibre. VoIP calls are essentially calls which are transferred over the internet instead of traditional copper telephone cables so the stronger and faster your internet connection is higher your call quality will be. The speed test below (from VoIP is an HTML5 speed test specially designed to test your system for VoIP phone calls. It checks your Internet connection’s quality and speed and provides you with an easy-to-understand report afterward. Should the results of your test be less than favorable you can always send them to our team for further diagnosis. The purpose of this speed test is to analyze an Internet connection and check the packet loss, buffer bloat, download speed, jitter, upload speed, and latency. If you don’t know what some of these terms mean there is a full explanation below, however, it is not essential to understand them at this stage. What is essential, is knowing how you perform under each, where your performance is below average it is definitely worth some further investigation and diagnosis, especially if you are considering a VoIP system in the near future. The result will also contain additional information about the tested connection. Since this is an HTML5 speed test, it doesn’t require Java or Flash, and it’s compatible with virtually all devices, which includes smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. Ready to start your test? Click here to begin.  The test is at the top of the page click the blue – ‘Test Now’ button.   In-Depth Discussion – How the HTML5 Speed Test Works: Once you have clicked test now, the speed test has been activated. The test will work out your base speed and examine several additional factors. Once you have the results you will know what types of services are supported by your Internet connection. E.g whether your connection is it suitable for VoIP, gaming, YouTube and/or live video streaming. What to Do After Receiving a Poor Result There are many reasons for a bad result including but not limited to: Network congestion ( too many devices connected to the network) Old wiring and loose connections. Outdated hardware (Routers, modems etc) Understanding the terminology involved: While some of the terms may seem complicated it’s not actually that difficult to interpret. Once the speed test has finished running, the results of the test will be presented using the following terminology. Packet Loss This measures the number of data packets which are sent that actually make it to their destination. Ideally, the results from the test should reveal a packet

Complimentary VoIP and Communications Assessment For Your Business

February 8, 2018
  If you are reading this post it is my guess is that you’re considering upgrading your phone system to VoIP sometime in the near future. To help you avoid making any mistakes and to help you navigate the endless number of choices, tech talk, conflicting advice, and confusion… Our team would like to offer you a Complimentary VoIP and Communications Assessment for your business. This is an opportunity for you to get to chat with an expert who will answer all of your questions and determine which phone system is best for you based on YOUR specific needs, budget, Internet connection and existing network. It is our promise to you that you will only get straight answers to your questions and we will NOT try hard-sell you a phone system. Our goal is to help you make the BEST decision for YOUR BUSINESS. We want you to make a decision that you’re comfortable with and that will actually deliver what you want. If our system turns out to be the best option for you, we’d welcome the opportunity to serve you. If not, we’ll always give you our best recommendation and refer you to other trusted companies and or solutions. That’s how we do business at Real IT and build solid trust-based relationships with all our clients. At the End of Our Complimentary Assessment, You’ll Know: The amount of money you will save by switching to VoIP. In most cases, we save our clients between 10% and 50%. But most importantly, you’ll have the full picture of ALL costs factored in as a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), not just your phone-bill savings, which is what most other VoIP salespeople focus on to avoid talking about other costs involved in moving to their system. Whether a VoIP phone system will work correctly in your specific business environment. As you know, every office and network is different, so it’s critical that you get a thorough assessment of your entire network, including your bandwidth and Internet connection, firewall, system use, the volume of calls, features you need, etc., by an experienced network technician. If your Internet connection and network configuration will allow you to use a VoIP phone without problems. We’ll do a complete analysis of your current Internet connection and computer network to determine if you have sufficient bandwidth to operate a VoIP system without issues, and to look for any other factors that may negatively impact a VoIP phone system from working properly. What the best phone system is for you and your business. Our discovery process helps identify exactly what features you will need now and in the future based on how YOU do business. If you’re running a call center, you will have different needs to someone running a legal practice. If you have remote workers and a sales team that travels extensively, there are features that can help you keep these employees connected. Do you want to record calls coming in for quality and training purposes? Does

Cloud or On-Premise -What Is The Best VoIP Deployment Method?

February 1, 2018
Should I host my VoIP system in the cloud or on-premise? Cant I just upgrade my existing phone system? What is the best method to deploy a VoIP system? These are all common questions we get asked at Real IT. The thing is, there is no straight forward answer because it really depends on what you are looking to achieve by moving to VoIP. This post dives deep into the advantages and disadvantages of each option so that you can choose the deployment method that best suits your business. Not sure whether you should move to VoIP yet? Read this post first. Generally, there are four main methods used to deploy a VoIP system, when advising our clients, we tend to recommend either option 3 or 4, depending on their use case and you will see why. Methods: Converting Your Traditional Phone System to Work With VoIP Upgrading Your Compatible Phone System to Work With VoIP On-Premises Modern VoIP Phone System Cloud-Based /Cloud Hosted Modern VoIP Phone System. Method 1: Converting a Traditional Phone System to Work With VoIP. When we refer to a converted VoIP phone system, we are referring to the process of taking ‘older/traditional’ style business phone systems and converting them to use the internet to make calls (VoIP) instead of traditional fixed-line services (copper telephone lines). These older systems are usually accompanied by analog or digital desk phones which were not traditionally designed to use VoIP. Because these older systems were primarily designed to use traditional fixed-line services, converting them to work with VoIP may give you some cost savings but will not be able to give you the full features, benefits, and functionality that comes with modern VoIP phone systems. Your phone system currently looks like this: After the conversion your phone system looks like this: Advantages: This is a cheap way to achieve some cost savings because your calls are coming through over the internet (VoIP) instead of your traditional fixed-line service. Most older business phone systems can be converted to work with VoIP if you put in place the right conversion hardware. Can provide a lower set up costs because you are adapting an already working system. Disadvantages: This option is a disadvantage If you are looking to link multiple office locations. This means, for example, that you will not be able to check if someone at another office is on a call. Poor scalability- The traditional phone system may be limited by existing hardware which can make adding more users, locations and/or phone lines a complicated and expensive process. Older converted phone systems may be end-of-life with the manufacturer, a faulty component may result in you having to partially or even completely replace your system. Converting your traditional phone system to work on VoIP does not ‘upgrade’ its functionality in any way. This means that you will not benefit from any features that a modern VoIP phone system can offer. (e.g softphones, call forwarding etc.) you will also be limited to analog

7 Questions to Ask a VoIP Salesperson That Will Save You Thousands of Dollars.

January 25, 2018
So here is a little-known and rather embarrassing fact about our industry that nobody wants to tell you: The computer repair and IT consulting industry is not regulated. Yes, I know, it’s shocking. Unlike many other regulated professional service industries, anybody can claim they are an “IT expert.” Automotive repair shops, electricians, plumbers, lawyers, realtors, dentists, doctors, accountants, etc. are all heavily regulated to protect their customers from receiving substandard work or getting ripped off. Unfortunately, this reality does not apply to the computer industry which means that our industry is still highly unregulated without enough laws in place to properly protect the customer. This is why we take the time to educate all prospective VoIP and IT clients on what’s available and what their options are, even when we don’t offer some of those options ourselves. These 7 questions are designed to help arm you with all the information you will need to identify unqualified VoIP technicians and sales consultants so you can keep your investment safe. Want a better understanding of what VoIP is first? Read this post first,  Why Your Business Needs VoIP- 4 Reasons. 7 Questions to Ask a VoIP Salesperson That Will Save You Thousands of Dollars: 1) Is my current network fine for VoIP or do I have to make any changes? If your VoIP provider explains that you won’t be required to make any changes without first doing a thorough evaluation of your network and understanding your business goals, sprint in the opposite direction. There are two different types of networks, one’s set-up and configured correctly, and ones slapped together. Without having your network evaluated it is almost impossible to know whether the system they are suggesting will work correctly and you could end up wasting your money. Furthermore, if the provider does not take the time to evaluate your network and suggests the wrong configuration, the voice traffic may end up competing with your PCs, laptops and other devices for bandwidth. This is a huge red flag and almost always equals problems with sound quality. Expert Tip: When looking for a VoIP Provider, ensure that you choose a company that also installs and supports computer networks. This is very important because your VoIP system will run on your computer networks and if it is not setup correctly you will suffer from poor sound quality, slower internet speeds, and dropout problems. Without a comprehensive understanding of how to properly assess your business’s firewall, routers, network traffic, Internet connection speeds and a host of other considerations, it is almost impossible to get your phone system to operate ‘as advertised’. While people who only install phone systems will tell you they are qualified to set up your system, they are not usually network technicians. 2) Will VoIP cost me more than what I am currently paying? If the salesperson tells you VoIP can only save you money, then he or she is only worried about making a sale and doesn’t care whether it is the correct


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