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Audio & Video Calibration

In a true home theatre or cinema the audio and video is calibrated based on the size of the room and the features within it. Great Calibration takes expert tools and years of experience and that’s why we settle for nothing less than the experts at Wavetrain.

Acoustic Treatment

Our solutions are engineered to control all aspects of your home cinema or theatre acoustics so it sounds exactly the way the director intended.

Sound Isolation

Get an unparalleled home theatre experience with our full range of wall, ceiling and floor isolation products.

Room Design & Documentation

We offer a wide range of engineered design services from basic to advanced. Find out more about award winning Wavetrain Cinema designs and engineering.

Aircon & Lighting Design

We use light engineering to specify ambient lighting that takes nothing away from the viewing experience and automatically dims at the start of the movie. On top of that all our designs aim to eliminate HVAC noise without compromising on air flow and temperature control.

Cinema Furniture & Interiors

Our interior designers are able to customize your home theatre to meet your desired design goals. This includes an extensive range of cinema seating in every style imaginable, and the full range of DBox motion seating to create an even more immersive experience. Just see some of these award winning Wavetrain projects

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