Boost your business this 2019 with cloud services

By Cathrine Hosking 1 year ago
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Boost your business this 2019 with cloud services


Now is the time to begin planning and prepping for 2019 to take your business to new heights. Cloud services are an excellent way to boost operations, improving efficiency, productivity, collaboration, scalability, security and disaster recovery. Intelligently investing in your foundations, including the right technology, can help you achieve your vision in the new year.

Technology that works for you, not against you

With cloud solutions businesses can host data, programs and infrastructure in the cloud. This provides a whole host of benefits, including greater flexibility, collaboration opportunities, ability to scale and security.

Flexibility is crucial in providing employees with greater ability to get their job done in the way that works for them. For instance, using cloud services can ensure data is accessible via a mobile device anywhere with an internet connection, enabling employees to access files away from the office and make changes to an urgent project even while in transit, or when meeting with a client. Utilising cloud services also means that employees can work on the same project from different locations and communicate about specific files or data, making collaboration easier and more accessible.

When it comes to scalability, many cloud service providers are able to provide access to more storage as needed, meaning a business can scale up far more seamlessly, as opposed to having to buy and install equipment or upgrades. For companies that run on a more seasonal basis, being able to scale storage and services up and down as needed could be the difference between a thriving and struggling business.

Security and cost savings for peace of mind

Security and disaster recovery are significant for any business, no matter their nature or size. When it comes to cloud services, having data hosted in offsite, secure data centers and workstations ensures robust security and supports a clear disaster recovery plan should there be a natural disaster, power failure or unexpected issue. In addition, many cloud service providers will offer a dedicated IT support team to solve any issues that may arise and give access to data again quickly, ensuring operations can continue to run.

Furthermore, many cloud services present businesses with the opportunity to reduce IT costs and ultimately save money, as there are less expenses around system upgrades, new hardware or software, wages for IT service people, energy consumption and disaster recovery.

Make it work for you

In New Zealand, businesses have an increasing number of options available, while security and usability improve all the time. Today, there are options to have all of your data and applications in the cloud in a hosted model, or retain some of your data in owned technology in servers with a hybrid model, and within this establish exactly how you want your files and data to be stored and accessed.

Choosing to implement cloud services in your business could see you with fewer technical concerns or maintenance issues for owned hardware or software, while also offering the latest updates and improvements to the technology and applications.

With key offerings such as Microsoft Office 365, virtual server hosting and cloud storage, collaboration, scalability, disaster recovery, security and cost savings are more accessible than ever.

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