What Stage Does Real IT Get Involved in My Project?

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Integrating home automation seamlessly from The Fabric of Things on Vimeo.

At what stage does Real IT get involved in your smart home project?

This is a question we often get asked by prospective clients. In the video above, Nick Fichte of Crestron explains that is important to involve your home integrator as early as possible in your project, sometimes even before building and planning consent has been achieved and we couldn’t agree more.

If we are involved from the early stages, then we can work with your architect and design team to ensure that there are no piles of set top boxes sitting under your TV’s and that space has been allowed for seamless wiring and data transfer within the home. If you bring our team on early then we will ensure that all equipment is located in a central location out of sight, that the home is wired for future possibilities and that all technology remains discrete, blending effortlessly into your design.

How do Crestron products help create this seamless look?

As Petra Van Meeuwen of Crestron explains in the video above, while Crestron is a technology company they are also dedicated to making their technology less visible and to integrate it with interior design.

This is one of the main reasons we choose Crestron as our smarthome product. We want our clients to enjoy the high level of functionality that a smart home presents without feeling overwhelmed by the technology aspect.

Chat to our team about how we can leverage Crestron technology, built-in speakers, small remotes and designer keypads to achieve the perfect discrete smart home solution for your project.

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