Smart homes: entertaining guests and family during the holidays

By Cathrine Hosking 1 year ago
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Smart home designed with Crestron Blinds and Shades

Smart homes: entertaining guests and family during the holidays


For many, December is a time of year to gather together and be reminded of what’s most important: our friends and family. Truly effective smart home companies understand that technology should enable us to live the life we want, with greater ease, efficiency and comfort. When it comes to the holidays this means having a space that lends itself to entertaining, intelligently boosts comfort, and can be managed with the simple push of a button – leaving you to spend time with the people you’re celebrating with.

Gather together to watch your favourite movies

Intimate moments stay with us for years to come – such as watching our favourite holiday movies with your whole family gathered together. Home cinemas of today bring together several key components to make sure this experience is as good as, if not better and more personal, than what is available at commercial cinemas.

Some of these features include audio and video calibration, acoustic treatment, sound isolation, room design, aircon and lighting design, and cinema furniture and interiors. Certain home cinema providers, including Real IT, are able to blend design and technology to create a room that is both technically sound and aesthetically pleasing.

Whether you have a specific idea in mind or simply know what you like, certain home cinema designers will take the time to get to know you and your vision to create a room that takes watching movies at home to a whole new level. As many of the elements are customisable the room can be adapted and created for the specific home and requirements, including enhanced sound isolation for a cinema next to bedrooms, for example, or specially sized seats for a cinema with limited space.

If a home theatre is not what you’re after, various smart home providers will offer audio and video options that deliver a high resolution movie watching experience to be integrated into your home. With a company such as Crestron, the install includes equipment and software and the final system can be easily controlled with a wireless mobile device.

Lighting control automate lighting scenes Leveling AutomaticallyCreate the perfect backdrop for your celebrations

In addition to the video and audio system, with smart home providers such as Crestron, many key elements can be controlled from the touchscreen device, including lighting, temperature and energy management.

When it comes to lighting, sensor lighting that turn off and on depending on movement can be integrated into your home. These lights can also be controlled using presets such as ‘dinner’ or ‘party’ to change the ambiance of a room with one button. Similarly, climate control in smart homes can be easily manually controlled or managed via an automatic setting, ensuring your room is as comfortable as it can be.

Another useful feature for the holiday season is energy management, which intelligently tracks what power you’re using and can help save on your electricity bill during this especially busy time. With energy management, you can also power up your fairy lights or decorations using a combination of grid and alternative energy, or with timers to ensure they stay on only when they need to.

Smart homes can help to create the perfect environment for entertaining your loved ones during the holiday season, providing a space to gather and watch films or home movies, while also setting the backdrop of your own celebrations.

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