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For a moment, think about all the steps you take every night before you go to sleep. You lock the doors, turn off the lights, adjust the climate control and lower the window shades. In fact, you probably have many different routines of basic tasks that you go through every time you have friends over, leave for work, or go on vacation. These routine tasks in and of themselves are not difficult but can become tedious and take longer to accomplish if you are in a rush or live in a large house.

When a smart home is set up correctly by a professional integrator, it can do in seconds, what may have taken you several minutes to do manually. All you need to do is touch one button. By touching one button you can activate a sequence of commands sometimes referred to as a scene. These scenes can impact the entire house or one particular room, they can serve a practical purpose or just do something cool that impresses your friends and family.

Scenes are probably one of the most revered parts of a smart home system. You can save time and always be ready for any change in environment or mood. The ability to set scenes is not limited and offers the opportunity to tailor your smart home system around each family member’s habits, personal preferences, and daily routines. Professional Integrators will often suggest scenes to incorporate into your smart home system but that doesn’t mean you are stuck with them. With some systems like Crestron Pyng, you can build out your scenes easily without having to call up the smart home company that installed your system.

We hope that this list from the book Home Automation: A Complete Guide to Buying, Owning and Enjoying a Home helps inspire the perfect scenes to add to your smart home.

keypad with smarthome scenes


Turns off the lights, but leaves some dimly lit so you can see your way to the bathroom. Also, arms the security system closes the motorized window shades and sets back the thermostats to a comfortable sleeping temperature.


Gradually brightens the lights in the bedrooms and bathrooms, opens the shades and readjusts the thermostats. Can also turn on the kitchen lights, activate the coffee pot and turn on any and all TVs to the morning news.


Illuminates a pathway to the kitchen. The lights are kept at a low-intensity level—enough light to see your way down the hall, but still gentle on sleepy eyes.


Readies the house for your return home by activating select lights—like the fixtures that lead from the garage to the kitchen. The security system disarms and your favorite Internet music station streams to the speakers in the main living areas (assuming you have an audio system that supports this function). Unique Home settings can be created for every member of the family. For example, Kids Home could send you a text when they open the door, then keep the security system on (exterior sensors only). Dad’s Home, meanwhile, could completely disarm the security system, activate the gas fireplace in the family room and turn on the TV in the home office, set to the evening news.


Prepares the house for your family’s routine departure for work and school by turning off all lights and A/V equipment, closing the window shades and arming the security system.


This scene is often similar to Away but puts the house into a serious energy-saving and home protection mode through the adjustment of thermostats, closing of all window shades and, of course, turning off of all A/V devices and lights. All security sensors are active and surveillance cameras begin recording to a DVR. The setting can also be designed to make your house look (and sound) occupied while you’re away by randomly opening and closing the shades, and turning on and off lights and the stereo system. The system is on high alert at this time and will send you a text if it notices someone at the front door, water on the basement floor or activity in the backyard.


Make movie night an event by having your smart home system dim the lights, close the shades and activate the essential A/V equipment. Incorporate a pause button that illuminates a path to the powder room and/or the kitchen.


Set the stage for a night of romance by having your system activate the gas fireplace, play some sexy music over the family room or bedroom speakers, lock the doors and close the drapes. Oh, and of course you’ll want the system to dim the lights.


While you worry about the food and the decorations, your smart home system can prepare the electronic systems in your house for a party. If the gathering will take place in the evening, a Party command can illuminate a pathway from the driveway to the front door for your guests, disarm the security system, play music throughout the house and backyard, set the lights to show off your home’s artwork and architecture and set the thermostats so that everyone is comfortable. You can have your Professional Integrator create a variety of party buttons—elegant, casual, Christmas or holiday.


Like various party scenes, a smart home system can set the lights, music and other electronic devices for a family dinner or an elegant dinner, as well as arrange the kitchen for preparation and clean up.


Did this give you an idea? Want to check if we can make your dream scene a reality? Click here to ask our team a question or send us your suggestions.


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