Guide to designing a Dream Smart home

Discover all the industry tips and tricks and learn how to avoid common mistakes in this comprehensive 32 page smart home planing guide.

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Choosing the right smart home system for your dream home is an exciting process but also a substantial investment. ​​ To help you along this journey our team created this comprehensive introduction to buying a smart home in New Zealand. Our intention for this guide is to introduce you to the concept of smart homes and all the subsystems that go with it such as lighting, music and climate control in an easy to digest fashion.

We hope it inspires you with new possibilities, alerts you to common mistakes and pitfalls, and gives you an honest idea of the costs involved so that you can find the smart home company that best fits your needs.

When you read this guide and you’ll learn:

  • ​8 Great Reasons to Automate Your New Home.
  • ​12 Questions to Ask Any Integrator To Save Time & Thousands of Dollars.
  • The Subsystems Demystified: What’s Possible, Inspiration and Helpful Expert Hints.
  • What Makes Up a Real Dedicated Home Theater.
  • How To Use Scenes to Deliver Unparalleled Luxury and Convenience to Your Home.
  • How Much a Smart Home Costs, For Everything: Plus Budgeting Tips.

Who should read this guide:

This guide is for anyone in the process of building a new home or renovating an existing one, that’s looking to learn more smart homes and automation. If you’ve just started shopping around or have been considering different quotes, I’m sure you have been met with a fair amount of conflicting advice from smart home integrator’s. In an unregulated industry, this differing of opinions is understandable but we believe it is detrimental to you making an educated decision.

From working on residential projects of all budgets for over 20 years I can confidently say that the wealth of knowledge, resources, and expertise contained in this guide should set the record straight, and get you asking the right questions to protect your investment.

We hope you enjoy the guide and your journey to the dream smart home.

Jason Adam
Real Integrated Technology