The power of environment: health and your home

By Cathrine Hosking 2 years ago
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The wellness movement

As our lives speed up and our daily demands increase, it has become more important than ever to invest in our health and wellbeing and understand the value and impact of our lifestyle and environment.

Around the world there is a growing trend of people turning their attention to their wellbeing, leading to the rapid rise of the ‘wellness movement’ and a greater interest in the role of diet, mentality and our surroundings. According to the Global Wellness Institute, the global wellness industry grew by 10.6% to $US3.72 trillion ($NZ5.29 trillion) between 2013 and 2015. This accounts for more than 5% of global economic output.

As a vast amount of people begin to invest in their wellbeing, we are also seeing a rise in people enhancing their environment and homes as crucial cornerstone of their overall comfort and happiness.

Katherine Johnston, a researcher for Global Wellness Institute, says ‘we must shake up our thinking’ and consider our homes to be as important as immunisations and fitness wearables.

All the industries that create our home environments play a massive role in human health. And they need to partner to meet the desperate need – and fast-rising demand – for healthier homes and communities,” she says.

Oopelia Yeung, a researcher for the Global Wellness Institute, says, “We will never address skyrocketing chronic disease and health costs without dramatically transforming where and how we live. We’ve got to shift investment into the places that give us the most outsized health returns – our homes and communities.”

Creating your environment with Real IT: introducing the wellnest – by Cogworks

Forward thinking companies are responding to this trend by creating offerings that focus on enhancing wellness through the home. At Real IT, for instance, we are now offering the ‘wellnest’,  (created by Cogworks) which pulls together the latest advancements in smart home automation, high quality AV equipment and careful material selections to create a space that is designed for the mind, body and ultimate comfort.

The wellnest takes elements of traditional home cinemas but goes beyond entertainment to deliver a full media experience. It includes immersive audio, state of the art projectors and sizable screens, as well as premium lighting which can be set based on mood or preference, heating systems, and air conditioning and purification systems. It also uses natural materials for carpets and panels, and ensures the construction process doesn’t use any volatile organic compounds to reduce air pollutants. From the construction process, to the equipment used, to the carpet, everything in the wellnest is attuned to the wellbeing of those who will use the room.

While there are a number of apps and specific smart home products available that promote wellness, the wellnest is unique in that it creates a whole room retreat and wellness solution. The space pushes the boundaries for what is possible within a home and inspires distributors and customers to expand their own thinking on what home cinema and home wellness means in our modern age.


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