What makes a secure smart home for New Zealanders?

By Cathrine Hosking 2 years ago
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What makes a secure smart home for New Zealanders?

When it comes to smart home systems, security features are a core component that can enhance a user’s experience, providing them peace of mind that their home is safe and secure at all times – both when they are onsite and when they are away from the property. Smart home security features generally consist of specific devices such as alarms and cameras, as well as integrated applications within the overall system.

Smart home systems advance tried and tested methods

Common home security measures, including locking doors and windows, installing sensor-controlled automatic lights and installing alarms have been around for decades. Today, alarm systems that detect intruders and contact authorities as soon as a breach occurs are still commonly used.

However, smart home systems are proving to advance traditional security. These systems put more control in the hands of the homeowner by providing greater information on what’s happening inside of the home, as well as providing the ability to put both preventative and responsive measures in place.

Securing your home: cameras, alarms and automation

At Real IT we consider security to be a crucial element of any smart home system deployment. Our electrical services for smart home deployment includes security and access control, CCTV cameras and automatic gates – all of which significantly improve the overall security of the home and prevent any unwanted guests.

More specifically, our experienced team will deploy integrated, smart security and alarm systems to secure the property from day one. In addition, CCTV cameras and automatic gates are deployed depending on the user’s home and requirements. For all CCTV systems, we supply, install and maintain all devices. We specialise in a variety of host surveillance equipment and security camera systems, as well as intercom and gate systems, so each system can be integrated with smart home controls and tailored to your specific needs.

Securing your home: smart data and access control

Once the smart home system is up and running homeowners can use flexible access control systems to select who has access to which door, track comings and goings, and provide one-time access codes.

The integrated solutions provided by Real IT combines sensor data with audio and video footage, and also links to other smart subsystems including lighting, motorised shades and audio. This ensures users receive real time notifications about strange activity at their property, and can also monitor device use. Having remote access means owners can also maintain the home from afar – for instance, if they leave for a business trip or a holiday, they can turn lights or audio on and off to make it look like they are still home.

Another key factor of our smart home systems is keyless entry. With this, users can create access control via tags, key fobs, remotes, keypads or even biometric access. This also logs who is entering and exiting the property, and gives the option to give specific codes to specific people or for a one time event.

Invest in a secure smart home

At the foundation of any quality smart home system is robust security measures, including state of the art devices and smart applications. We encourage any homeowners looking to invest in smart home deployment to consider security for greater peace of mind and a greater overall experience.

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