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By Cathrine Hosking 2 years ago
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VoIP Speed Test

The benefits of VoIP are undeniable,  so it’s no surprise that most businesses are choosing to switch to VoIP.

Unfortunately as with most things in life, just because you want to switch to VoIP doesn’t always mean that you can. You see in order for VoIP to work correctly in your businesses, your internet connection must meet certain prerequisites. This is one of the main reasons we prefer our VoIP clients to have UFB or Fibre.

VoIP calls are essentially calls which are transferred over the internet instead of traditional copper telephone cables so the stronger and faster your internet connection is higher your call quality will be.

The speed test below (from VoIP is an HTML5 speed test specially designed to test your system for VoIP phone calls.

It checks your Internet connection’s quality and speed and provides you with an easy-to-understand report afterward. Should the results of your test be less than favorable you can always send them to our team for further diagnosis.

The purpose of this speed test is to analyze an Internet connection and check the packet loss, buffer bloat, download speed, jitter, upload speed, and latency. If you don’t know what some of these terms mean there is a full explanation below, however, it is not essential to understand them at this stage. What is essential, is knowing how you perform under each, where your performance is below average it is definitely worth some further investigation and diagnosis, especially if you are considering a VoIP system in the near future.

The result will also contain additional information about the tested connection. Since this is an HTML5 speed test, it doesn’t require Java or Flash, and it’s compatible with virtually all devices, which includes smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Ready to start your test? Click here to begin.  The test is at the top of the page click the blue – ‘Test Now’ button.

broadband voip speed test

In-Depth Discussion – How the HTML5 Speed Test Works:

Once you have clicked test now, the speed test has been activated. The test will work out your base speed and examine several additional factors.

Once you have the results you will know what types of services are supported by your Internet connection. E.g whether your connection is it suitable for VoIP, gaming, YouTube and/or live video streaming.

What to Do After Receiving a Poor Result

There are many reasons for a bad result including but not limited to:

  1. Network congestion ( too many devices connected to the network)
  2. Old wiring and loose connections.
  3. Outdated hardware (Routers, modems etc)

Understanding the terminology involved:

While some of the terms may seem complicated it’s not actually that difficult to interpret. Once the speed test has finished running, the results of the test will be presented using the following terminology.

Packet Loss

This measures the number of data packets which are sent that actually make it to their destination. Ideally, the results from the test should reveal a packet loss result of zero. However, it’s not a major cause for concern if the test reveals only slight packet loss.

Buffer Bloat

Buffer bloat measures an Internet connection’s latency. This is a process of examining how your Internet connection performs when it is under stress. In most cases, this part of the test consists of a bandwidth test, which maximizes the Internet connection.

Upload Speed

The upload speed reveals how many bits per second a computer can upload using the Internet.

Download Speed

The download speed is the exact opposite of the upload speed. This part of the test measures how many bits per second a computer can download from the Internet. Upload speeds are usually slower than download speeds.


The jitter results are calculated based on consecutive latency test results. Ideally, users should hope for a jitter result of zero, but it can still be a decent result if it’s close to zero.

Ping and Latency

The latency result tells the user how long it takes for a packet to be sent to a remote computer and back to the host computer.

Your Next Steps:

  1. If the test displays a speed that is suitable for VoIP, then there is no need to improve the connection you are VoIP ready, click here to get a free quote and see how much you can save by switching to VoIP.
  2. If you get a bad result and you want to find out how to improve your connection or get it ready for VoIP get in touch with one of our technical support team here.

Any questions about your test? Please contact us if the test goes down or you cannot access it, thank you!

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