Zum Wireless lighting: the cornerstone of your smart building

By Cathrine Hosking 2 years ago
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Lighting has long been a key component of smart buildings, playing a crucial role in the overall comfort and atmosphere of a building while also offering significant energy savings. Now, with advanced products such as Zum by Crestron, offices and buildings can be refit with the latest in smart lighting without the expensive and burdensome task of rewiring.

Lighting: a key part of a smart building

According to a recent report titled ‘Smart Buildings: The Lighting Controls Business’, lighting is crucial in overall experience of a space, and is at the heart of all smart buildings. The report also states, lighting is undergoing rapid transformation as revolutionary new systems, including wireless systems, become available to the wider public.

Previously, the cost and commitment of rewiring has been a major barrier to the adoption of smart lighting systems. However new wireless systems bypass the need for rewiring while also offering a comprehensive and adaptable lighting setup for varying needs.

These new systems also offer different options of lights, including energy saving lights; automation and sensor technologies; and streamlined management consoles. These systems can be tailored to a specific space to greatly improve the quality of lighting, and also provide data insights to optimise how the system is used.

Introducing smart, wireless lighting systems

Zum by Crestron, offered by Real IT, is a wireless lighting product that is simple to deploy and offers all of the benefits of the latest smart lighting technologies.

This product has been specifically designed to suit the needs of any smart building, from small offices to large commercial spaces, while still being simple to setup, manage and maintain. As a buildable solution, Zum can be used in one space or many, with the option to add centralised network management, and includes wireless dimmers, switches, sensors and other components for maximum ease of use.

Revolutionary in its design, Zum uses mesh networking technologies so communication ‘hops’ from one device to another. Used for both standalone spaces and building-wide systems, these devices ensure there is no need for interface boxes or antennas within rooms and hallways, and feed data back to a central device so all elements can be controlled from one console.

Whether a keypad, dimmer or mobile device via a specifically designed app, you have total remote management where you can name and combine rooms, optimise daylighting, set up a time clock for scheduled events, identify empty rooms, and operate remote on/off switches to save energy.

Zum also enables you to capture data about your lighting system, and the cloud service sends alerts with information about room usage and support, so you can make changes, maximise energy savings, and optimise the way you work.

Propelling the smart lighting revolution into a new phase, wireless lighting systems such as Zum by Crestron provide a product and service that is seamless, user friendly, optimises usability and is simple and affordable to deploy in a variety of settings.

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