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By Cathrine Hosking 2 years ago
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What does the home office of the future look like?

Today, as technology continues to advance and businesses adopt flexible work practices, it’s more common than ever to work remotely and from our homes. Leading providers are noticing this trend, and are now offering smart home systems that support productivity, connectivity, collaboration and overall success with smart, seamless technology.

The benefits of having a smart home office

With the latest technologies now available to consumers, smart home offices are springing up around the world, offering a private space that provides all of the benefits received at top of the line corporate offices and enables you to work where you want, when you want.

With a smart home office, you’re able to entirely personalise your space – from picking the music to brewing your own coffee, and also have all of the applications required in an average day’s work available at your fingertips.

With the influx of applications at our disposal today, every employee or business owner has their own set of tools they use on a daily basis. As a result, we are seeing smart home systems come to market that are not only compatible with numerous applications, but integrate each tool onto one platform, resulting in one intuitive system.

From conference calls, to time management, to scheduling, the features of a smart home office enable you to focus on what’s most important, your tasks for the day, while minimising the barriers to get them done and maximising your comfort.

Building a truly smart home office

Crestron Mercury, offered by Real IT, shows what’s possible with a state of the art smart home office system. Currently, this is the only system that combines all UC (unified communications) and AV (audio-visual) tools and features into one interface, so all elements can be controlled from one console.

It integrates the latest technologies to ensure high quality sound, display and connectivity, enabling you to talk and present to colleagues and clients around the world, collaborate in online workplaces, manage and schedule upcoming tasks and appointments, and gather data about your room and work habits.

With Crestron Mercury you can call via Bluetooth audio paired with mobile phones or the full SIP conference phone; present from any device with Crestron AirMedia; collaborate with any soft phone, web conferencing or UC application including Skype for Business, Cisco WebEx or Slack; schedule all important events with Microsoft Exchange or Crestron Fusion; and manage all consoles from the cloud.

Cloud-based provisioning and management helps to ensure the system stands up against any security concerns, while also providing access to data from built-in sensors, allowing you to optimise the use of the room.

Understanding that each employee and business owner has unique requirements and doesn’t necessarily understand complex IT systems, Crestron Mercury is also specifically designed to be simple to deploy, use, manage and function at a high quality regardless of size of office.

This product is a prime example of a smart home office system of the future – one where anyone can transform their space into a place where they have the seamless ability to present, call, collaborate, schedule, manage and use the latest applications available.

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