What is PABX?

By Cathrine Hosking 2 years ago
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PABX in New Zealand, what is it and is it right for my business?

We get so many calls from people asking for PABX phone systems but when we ask them a few more questions, we soon realize that they dont really know what PABX actually means.

If you fall in that camp dont fret,  hopefully this post will help.

First off you need to understand what PABX means and this is where most people often get confused.

To simplify it as much as possible, here is a quick history lesson on how PBX (Private Branch Exchange) became PABX (Private Automated Branch Exchange).

PBX is not new, in fact, the concept of PBX in the world of telephony communication started long before electronics became involved in the process. PBX basically started in a room where switchboard operators connected calls manually by plugging one wire into another to complete a circuit.

person operating a switchboard manually

With time, this procedure was improved and one of the first changes was electronic switching.

This new procedure replaced the manual switching procedure so it required a new name. Hence PBX became PABX, the “A” signifying the addition of “Automated” switching.

Nowadays you will be pleased to learn that there are no manual PBX systems and through a series of brilliant technical innovations, your phone system can enjoy features that the original PBX and PABX systems could never have dreamed of. Things like call conferencing, call waiting, automatic ringback, and many more features now come standard in a typical PBX system.

Whats more, most modern PBX systems can use the internet instead of traditional copper phone lines to make calls (A process called VoIP) which provides modern day phone users with even more features at a greatly overall reduced cost.

So the long and short of it is today, PABX, PBX and VoIP are all used interchangeably to describe the same thing.

A modern business phone system that does everything you want it to at a cost you can afford.

Something like this fully featured 3 way video conference ready Yealink VP-T49G  perhaps?


Yealink conference phone





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