6 Benefits Motorized Blinds & Shades Give Your Home

By Cathrine Hosking 2 years ago
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Imagine opening or closing all the blinds and shades in your home with the touch of a button. Now stop imagining because this technology exists and is fast becoming the latest ‘must have’ in the world of luxury automated homes and super yachts.

Motorized blinds and shades, just like lighting control systems, can be operated by wall keypads, touch panels, smartphones or handheld remotes. Besides being a convenient addition to your home in and of itself, when you add motorized blinds to a smart home control system, they bring a whole new dimension to your overall energy and home management.

The 6 greatest benefits that motorized blinds and shades will bring your smart home:

> Reduce your reliance on artificial lighting

Why rely on artificial lighting when you can use natural sunlight to brighten a space? Through the intelligence of a smart home system reading the light levels in a room, motorized shades can roll up when it’s sunny to supplement your home’s lighting or allow some lights to be kept off/at a lower intensity to save power.

> Warm your space, naturally:

Just as you can use the sunlight to brighten a space and reduce your reliance on artificial lighting, so too can you use the sunlight to warm parts of your house and reduce your reliance on the HVAC. Let the shades roll up to allow the sun to heat the room, then automatically roll down when the room starts to get too warm to kickstart the cooling process.

> Protect your furniture and décor from harmful UV:

Whilst the sun is great for lighting and warmth those same effects can be very damaging to upholstery, artwork and other decorative pieces. Allow your smart home system to keep one step ahead of the sun and automatically lower shades when UV levels are reached to protect your most prized possessions.

> Eliminate glare, automatically:

Always having to jump up to close the curtains after you turn on the TV? As part of a Movie or TV scene activated on your remote, smart phone or keypad your shades can automatically lower as the lights dim as the AV equipment revs up for the perfect TV experience.

> The world’s most luxurious alarm clock:

There is no more luxurious way to wake up then to the soft melody of your favourite song whilst your shades raise to reveal a beautiful sunny day. Fall in love with your mornings again.

> Access privacy on demand:

Have a nosy neighbour or street view into certain parts of your house? Sometimes at short notice, you need to ensure all the shades are closed in certain or all parts of the house. On a smartphone or keypad pushing one button can give you all the privacy that you need in an instant.

Considering getting a quote? Here are some best practice guidelines from our in-house lighting and shading experts.

When it comes to motors generally, you will have two options for blind and shade control.

  1. Using the motors that are designed to integrate with the smart home system you decide on (Good brands are Somfy and Lutron)
  2. Using motors designed by the same manufacturer as your smart home system e.g Using a Crestron Pyng Smart Home System and Crestron QMT Motors.

We recommend following option two and using manufacturer designed motors as they will always give you more control and fewer headaches because they are designed to work together with your chosen smart home system.

At Real IT we choose Crestron motors because they are leading the industry with their patented Quiet Motor Technology (QMT) and precision alignment blinds and shades. If you have previously had a motorized system which fell out off alignment over the course of a few months you will know how important this point is.

Another BIG benefit of going with a system like Crestron is that they don’t limit you by style, fabric or colour.

  • Style: Crestron has motors for Roller Shades, Roman Shades, Skylight Shades, Drapery tracks (curtains) or a combination. See more on this here.
  • Fabric: While you are most welcome to use your own fabric, Crestron also has 3 comprehensive fabric collections to choose from, in brief they are:
    • Designer (For projects requiring more design flair, the Designer Collection includes almost 150
      fabrics with more stylish qualities)
    • Heritage (The Heritage Collection consists of more than 250 basic, highly functional, mostly neutral
      fabrics that are very familiar to interior designers, has been in popular use for many years.)
    • Hartmann and Forbes (Leader in luxury hand woven natural shades made from renewable
      resources such as arrowroot and banana fiber)shading brochure crestron
  • Lastly Colour, often choosing the right colour for your shades can be a cumbersome task as offered colours and patterns may not visually work for your home’s design scheme. Enter Crestron Colour Match, a new service which will allow you and/or your interior designer to truly personalize your shades to either match, compliment, or define your décor.

You can download our latest brochure here, or get hold of our team on +64 9 950 3749 if you have any further questions.

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