Why Modern Climate Control Matters

By Cathrine Hosking 2 years ago
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What is real climate control?

To us, climate control is the art of balancing energy conservation with comfort and convenience.

It is the intelligent system which controls all the factors that contribute to temperature changes in the home. This includes controlling obvious things like the HVAC, but also less obvious things like motorized blinds, underfloor heating, lighting circuits and the gas fireplace.

You see, most companies see climate control as HVAC control but this does not reflect the full picture. If you have you ever been in a room with large glass windows on a bright sunny day then you know exactly what I am talking about. Cranking the air-con on max may alleviate the intensity but the effect of direct sunlight is potent and there are far more energy efficient ways to cool a room.

Here are some of the key benefits climate control can bring to your smart home:

Experience a home that’s always ready for your arrival:

Want to make sure that you arrive back to toasty warm home? Set the inbuilt astrological clock to turn on your underfloor heating, towel rails, electric fireplace and heat pumps on at certain times, during certain months so that your home will always be ready for your arrival.

touchscreen in kitchen

Automatically adjust the room temperature:

During parties, movie nights and other activities that involve a lot of people, body heat will naturally cause certain rooms to feel too warm. Climate control will use your in-room sensors to trigger your smart home system to automatically adjust the appropriate thermostats to a cooler setting, while simultaneously altering the intensity of the lighting and shades if necessary.

Integrated built-in fire safety:

In the event of a fire (signalled by the smoke detector) your smart home can trigger the heating, cooling and ventilation system to automatically power off and prevent the smoke from spreading to other rooms.

Reduce wall clutter and preserve your interior design:

If your home has multiple remotes and keypad interfaces for your HVAC, underfloor heating, fireplace etc then you would be familiar with the wall clutter seen in the picture below. Preserve your interior design and simplify your life by allowing your smart home system to adjust them all from one user interface, like the screen of a touch panel or smartphone.

Automatic energy management when you are away:

If you have a climate management system in place then its good news for you and the environment because your smart home can override and power off automatic or timer based settings in certain situations e.g. By pushing Vacation mode all HVAC powers off, so you don’t waste unnecessary electricity when you are away.

So the long and short of it is climate control matters and modern homes should prioritize this to ensure optimal energy management comfort and convenience is maintained in the home.

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